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Godwill Degree College, Kirthal (Baghpat) offers Bachelor of Arts. It is an undergraduate course offered by the institute which is affiliated with Ch.Charan Singh University, Meerut. The duration of this course is minimum 3 years. The course covers all the related topics of the study field and gives rigorous training to the students.


Godwill Degree College is an institution established recently for providing a best education in Baghpat with advanced training moudle leading to the Bachelor of Art Degree of the C.C.S University of Merrut, further providing Bachelor of Arts in Hindi, English, Home Science, Political Science, Sociology, Economics.

The objective of the syllabus/teaching programmes in the College is to achieve an overall refinement of the student perception not confined to the skills of the profession alone but also to create the kind of intellect as well as emotional cultivation to arrive at a level of composite creativity and thought. It aims to prepare the students for creative and applied responsibilities in the world of art.


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